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Purchase your very own Joke Diploma, Custom College Diploma, College Degree, Degree Certificate, Document, Joke Transcript!


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Welcome and thank you for your interest in our custom joke diploma service!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

You can get yourself a Professional and Creative College or University Certificate or Diploma Designed for any Purpose.


We can provide:

Joke Diploma, Custom College Diploma, Joke College Transcripts

As well as everyday use certificates such as:

Gift Certificate, Professional Certificate, Business Certificate, Award Certificate, Recognition Certificate, Appreciation Certificate, Completion Certificate, Achievement Certificate, Beauty Certificate, Eyelash Extension Certificate, Nail Extension Certificate, Hair Extension Certificate, Sports Certificate, Swim Certificate, Yoga Certificate, Boxing Certificate etc.





PLEASE CONTACT US first to find out if the Diploma, Degree, Certificate you need can be created.

Once you have placed the order, email us the answers to the following questionnaire.

1. Joke College Name:
2. Your Name:
3. Type of Degree:
4. Graduation Date:

When you message your completed questionnaire, we will begin to work on your project. The initial draft of your joke diploma will be delivered within 3 days.





• A Custom Joke Diploma or Custom Certificate

• 1 Design Concept for Review

• Unlimited Revisions

• Web and Print Files Provided in Letter Size or A4

[JPG] - 300 DPI High Resolution JPG print ready format

[PDF] - High resolution file mostly used in print applications





Contact us to find out if the Diploma, Degree, Certificate you need can be created.

Once approved. Purchase this listing.

After placing the order you will be prompted a series of questions about the type of joke diploma or transcript you need, you will also need to provide your name and all other details that should be included in your diploma.

Once I receive your completed questionnaire, I will begin to work on your project.

Your diploma will be provided to you for review in JPG format within 3 days of receiving the completed questionnaire.

If you require any Revisions, please don’t hesitate to tell me as to what needs to be changed in the document.

Please keep in mind that revisions refer to alterations within your initial concept and do not include a completely new concept not mentioned or described in the initial specifications.

The PDF will be delivered once you approve the logo after completing any revision requests you may have.

The duration of the project is typically 3-8 days. This depends a lot on the number of revisions that is requested, I will try my best to complete each revision request within 24 hours or by at least 48 hours the latest.





* A Refund can be sent if you are not satisfied with the work.

* Files are sent digitally, there are NO shipping costs involved.

* If you need the joke diploma printed and shipped to you, a separate invoice will be issued for that.


Customer Reviews

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Joke Diplomas exceeded my expectations!

Joke Diplomas exceeded my expectations! The diploma I ordered for a prank on my roommate was executed with such precision, it took her a moment to realize it was all in good fun. A+ for quality and humor.

If you're looking for a gift that stands out

If you're looking for a gift that stands out, Joke Diplomas is the way to go. I purchased a diploma for my sister, and it was a huge success. Fantastic quality and a great laugh.

Such a unique and amusing gift idea

Such a unique and amusing gift idea. I got a joke transcript for my cousin, and he couldn't stop laughing. The quality is unbelievably realistic.

Incredible detail and fast shipping!

Incredible detail and fast shipping! I needed a last-minute gag gift, and Joke Diplomas delivered. It was the talk of the party, and everyone wanted to know where I got it.

Hilarious and high-quality!

Hilarious and high-quality! I used a joke diploma as a gag gift for my boss, and it was a massive hit. Even up close, it's hard to tell it's not real